Popup Bohemia Küsnacht

Popup Bohemia Küsnacht

The non-profit organisation MAMA TIERRA is holding its "Bohemia" pop-up at Dorfstrasse 19 in Küsnacht between 20th April and 15th May 2021. Under the motto "Caribbean desert", the NPO as well as the fashion designer Maya Seyferth, the jewellery label MEMORIA ORFEBRE, the potter Bettina Mende Keramik and the platform for Latin American design Animazul will show their handmade unique pieces. In addition, MAMA TIERRA will provide insights into its indigenous myth research and development cooperation.

Every Wednesday from 3 to 4 pm Dr. Lourdes Grollimund will read indigenous stories and myths to children in the nearby outdoor area. Lourdes will also report on MAMA TIERRA's UN-compliant development cooperation with the local indigenous population. Kids can take away fun illustrations and animal masks to color at home. There will be a chance to win one of the popular MAMA TIERRA accessories. The colourful programme promises a rewarding visit for all!

For four weeks, the "Bohemia" pop-up will offer everything the boho heart desires: from hand-forged jewellery and oriental-inspired dresses to ethnic bags and home accessories and handmade ceramics. The creations of the five exhibitors are not only convincing with their powerful designs. With every purchase, customers contribute to keeping a wide variety of traditional crafts alive.

The tax-exempt association MAMA TIERRA from Baden proposes a new form of sustainable fashion. The structure as an association allows the production workers, who are also members, to participate strongly in the organisation. MAMA TIERRA thus empowers not only those who wear its accessories, but especially those who make them. Award-winning illustrator Patrizia Stalder creates the MAMA TIERRA designs as part of a volunteer programme. The collaboration of many volunteers has resulted in Mama Tierra accessories being featured in Paris' most distinguished department stores' this spring, alongside leading fashion brands such as Chanel and Dior: Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche. Memoria Orfebre promotes pre-colonial techniques of Colombian jewellery making, such as the lost wax process. Maya Seyferth honours tailoring and slow fashion. She carefully checks each design in her Regensdorf atelier for good cut and comfort.

Local arts and crafts are exhibited by Bettina Mende, who makes pottery in her Meilen workshop. Animazul brings well-known Latin American designers and their masterpieces to the right bank of Lake Zurich. Access to the makers Many of the patterns in the MAMA TIERRA bags and cases have cosmological or animistic meanings. Mama Tierra determines these through ethnological research, which is made accessible to the pop-up visitors.

Every Monday and Wednesday, the two founders Katherine Klemenz and Lourdes Grollimund report on MAMA TIERRA's UN-compliant development cooperation with the local indigenous population.

MAMA TIERRA is a Swiss non-profit organisation that has been empowering indigenous women and their communities since 2014. With fair-paid and sustainable fashion as well as educational and environmental projects, the NPO contributes to defeating the great poverty in La Guajira. MAMA TIERRA now supports around 833 people a month with its work. https://mama-tierra.org

Maya Seifert combines European and Oriental influences for her unique garments. The time-consuming designs are of high quality - the cuts fit like a glove and yet are comfortable to wear. The production of the sample collections and made-to-measure pieces takes place in the designer's studio in Regensdorf-Watt, Switzerland. https://mayaseyferth.com/

MEMORIA ORFEBRE is a jewellery brand created by Olivia Valderrama. The bijoux are inspired by the pre-Columbian heritage and are designed in Colombia with a contemporary touch and made by master craftsmen. https://www.instagram.com/memoria_orfebre/

Bettina Mende Keramik makes functional ceramics, vases and bowls by hand in her local studio in Meilen. Inspired by everyday things and created for a more beautiful home. https://www.bmende-keramik.com

Animazul is a platform for Latin American design with a special history and great social impact. Every purchase supports social projects that promote everything from inclusion, women's emancipation and poverty alleviation to the preservation of traditional handicrafts and upcycling. https://animazul.com

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