Dällikon, 1st March 2014
Articles of Association Mama Tierra

Association Mama Tierra

1. Name, Legal Status and Seat

Under the name "Mama Tierra", " Mama Tierra", " Mama Tierra" a non-profit organization with charitable purpose is hereby set up pursuant to Art. 60 ff of the Swiss Civil Code.

1.1 Seat

The Association seat is Baden in canton Aargau, Switzerland. Mama Tierra can operate branches abroad. 

2. Purpose

Support indigenous, save mother earth

Mama Tierra supports indigenous, being the indigenous women at core because they bear the greatest responsibility in their community. The women secure the support for the family, raise their children, fight for nature conservation and they are the ones who pass on their culture to the future generation. If the indigenous woman receives support, their whole community and environment benefits. The responsibility remains so in the indigenous community and not with development aid organizations. 

The association Mama Tierra believes in the principle of "helping people help themselves" and therefore establishes development cooperation, in which the women are not considered as recipients of assistance, but as equal partners. Mama Tierra procures funds in order to facilitate development assistance to indigenous women. Mama Tierra strives for sustainable development, always in accordance with the wishes and goals of the indigenous communities.

Mama Tierra pursues its purpose by: 

• Self-determination: promotion of commercial activities for indigenous women

• Education: access to education for indigenous women and their children

• Environment: raising awareness about climate protection in indigenous areas

• Human rights: disclosure of human rights violations against indigenous peoples

• Culture: promotion and dissemination of indigenous culture

• Humanitarian aid: so that development aid can take place

Mama Tierra may enter into partnerships with organizations at home and abroad and procure funds for these organizations in order to fulfill the purpose of the association.

The Association Mama Tierra is not for profit and is subject to the goal of supporting indigenous women. In order to ensure the Association’s purpose, Mama Tierra can build offices or branches at home and abroad.

3. Agents

3.1. To track the association's purpose Mama Tierra procures funds from:

• Membership fees, which are defined annually at the General Assembly,

• The sale of products and services,

• Subsidies and legacies,

• Applications for funding to the federal government, municipalities and foundations,

• Donations and grants from individuals and legal entities.

3.2. Explanations

→ The membership fees are set by the General Assembly.

→ Mama Tierra receives no compensation from companies whose business activities have negative consequences for the indigenous people. For example, Mama Tierra will not be accepting any donations from the mining industries.

The Association Mama Tierra is responsible for the efficient and effective use of resources according to the association's purpose. Mama Tierra is also required to inform the donor at least once a year about the use of their donations.

4. Membership

4.1. Active Member, any natural or legal person at home or abroad that has an interest in the purpose of Mama Tierra.

4.2. Passive Member, any natural or legal person at home or abroad, who pays the membership fee but has no voting rights at the General Assembly.

4.3. The application form to become an Active Member with voting rights must be sent to mitglied@mama-tierra.org. To become a Passive Member, it is sufficient to pay the membership.

4.4. Membership withdrawal from the association is made effective by sending an e-mail to mitglied@mama-tierra.org or by non-payment of the annual membership fee. No claims can be made for payments already made to the association. The membership for natural persons expires by resignation, expulsion or death. For legal entities, by resignation, expulsion or dissolution of the Company.

5. Bodies of the Association

5.1. The General Assembly

5.2. The Board of Directors (The Board)

5.3. The Management

5.4. The Auditors

5.1. The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme body and shall act by a simple majority vote on amendments to the articles of the association, the association's purpose, the annual fee and the objectives of Mama Tierra.

It is headed by the President. The Board of Directors is responsible for keeping the assembly’s minutes. In the General Assembly each member has a vote. The General Assembly constitutes a quorum whether or not all members are in attendance.

The General Assembly has the following powers and duties:

a) Presentation and approval of the annual financial statement and the annual report

c) Approval of actions by the Association’s organs

d) Setting membership fees

e) Election of the Board of Directors and the Auditors

f) Possible amendments to the Association’s Articles

g) Discussion and resolution on requests from members and the Board of Directors

h) Dissolution of the Association

A member’s request must be submitted to the Board in writing, no later than 8 days before the General Assembly takes place. In a tie, the President shall decide. Statutory amendments require a two-thirds majority. The Dissolution occurs when two-thirds of those present vote in favor.

5.2. The Board of Directors

The Board has all the powers which are not entitled to the General Assembly. It is constituted by all or at least 3 members and constitutes itself. The Board represents the association to the outside and conducts its business as well. The Board members, the President and the CEO are elected by the General Assembly to serve for a 2-year term.

5.3. The Management and Fundraising

Katherine Portmann from Escholzmatt in Baden is the designated Managing Director

5.4. An auditor can be elected

5.5. Signature

The association is bound by the joint signature of two directors or the managing director together with another board member. Contracts between Mama Tierra and other parties are only valid if two board members or the CEO together with another board member sign. For securities investments and transactions the president and the treasurer's signature is needed .

For cash , giro and checking account of the treasurer has individual signature .

5.6. Remuneration

Fundamentally, Board members volunteer up to 100 hours. Board members of disadvantaged regions and lowest income groups may be paid reasonable compensation.

6. Liability

6.1. The debts of the association only the Association’s assets shall be liable. Personal liability of the Board of Directors or other members of the association is completely excluded.

6.2. In case of dissolution, the Board of Directors will execute the liquidation. The General Assembly shall decide about the use of the remaining assets. The use of the remaining assets shall conform to the association's purpose.

Adopted at the founding General Assembly of 1st of March 2014 in Dällikon.

The founding members:

Lourdes Grollimund, Switzerland (President)

Heliana Grütter, Switzerland (Vice-president)

Katherine Portmann, Switzerland (Managing Director)

Board of Directors of Mama Tierra:

Alexander Steele, England

Rolf Klemenz, Switzerland