Patrizia Stalder

Patrizia Stalder is a Swiss multi-faceted artist, working as a painter, illustrator and graphic designer. Patrizia’s illustrations have been included in the “200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 18/19” publication by Lürzers Archiv. Lürzer's Archiv presents creatively outstanding campaigns from all over the world and enjoys a high reputation in many countries. Patrizia’s career has taken her all around the world.
In Havanna, Cuba, the Basel artist studied drawing at the Instituto Superior de Arte and worked in Los Angeles as illustrator and in Basel as Art Director. Her work is influenced by her naturalistic drawing studies and her love for graphic abstraction. 

Patrizia's website

M.A. Coral Hernandez Finol

Coral creates the Mama Tierra designs with passion. Her work for the fashion company Custo Barcelona led her to participate in the finest fashion collections in Madrid. In 2012, Coral won the Roland Creative Award in Japan in the International Latin American Competition. As an illustrator, Coral worked for brands like Betsey Johnson, Santoro London, Puig and Zara. Coral holds a degree in graphic design from Zulia University in Venezuela and a master's degree from the Elisava Superior School of Design in Barcelona. She has developed her passion for the indigenous people in her hometown of Maracaibo. A place with the densest indigenous people in the north of South America.

Coral's Webseite.

Dr. Lourdes Grollimund

Lourdes is a Venezuelan living in Toronto. She works intensively on the strategic design of the Mama Tierra designs. She researches the western tendencies, seasonal color styles and motifs in a benchmarking analysis. This results in irresistible, high-quality accessories. Lourdes completed her Bachelor in Geophysics at the Simón Bolívar University in Caracas, Venezuela. She additionally holds a MS and a Ph.D. in Geophysics from Stanford University, the USA. Her goal is to empower people through education, employment and humanitarian help.