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Mama Tierra plans, coordinates and implements projects that benefit indigenous communities. We support indigenous peoples in their quest for self-determination, human rights and environmental protection.
Make for once a different gift and support indigenous peoples with a donation. Whether for weddings, birthdays or funerals, a donation is a beautiful sign of friendship and shows goodness. A small contribution is a sustainable gift, since it makes our better world a better place. Pick a donation, rather than consumer goods that may be will be thrown away.

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Beneficiary: Verein Mama Tierra
IBAN Number: CH06 0900 0000 6180 6037 0
Account number: 61-806037-0
Address: Verein Mama Tierra, Rütistr. 12, 5400 Baden, Switzerland 
Clearing number: 09000
Name/address of beneficiary bank
PostFinance Ltd
Mingerstrasse 20
3030 Bern
COVID-19 Emergency
Right now, Quarantine measures have put the Wayuu in an emergency position. With a small donation we can save families from suffering hunger. Together we can help indigenous Wayuu to overcome adversity in face of COVID-19.
Since schools closed on March 23rd due to the national quarantine, the kids of Alta Guajira, Colombia, have stopped receiving the free meals given at school for each student. Regularly, such meals comprise the only meal a child would have during a day.
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Nutrition program

Mama Tierra runs a periodic small nutrition programme for malnourished children and seniors. Donate any amount you like and support children and seniors. 600,000 Wayuu inhabit the northernmost tip of South America, in a desertic area called La Guajira, located in both Colombia and Venezuela. Indigenous in this area have no access to running water or electricity. Climate change is making their land increasingly infertile. These conditions make agriculture and food cultivation hardly possible. Poverty and child mortality are major challenges.


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Save Flamingos now!

Mama Tierra is involved in a nature conservation project in Venezuela to save flamingos in one of the country's most important coastal lagoons. The "Los Olivitos" lagoon is the habitat, shelter and nesting area of the largest population of flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber) in the Caribbean. In 1996 the UN declared the lagoon a Ramsar area. It is a wetland of international importance because of its biodiversity. The coastal lagoon is also home to sea turtles and endangered animals such as the manatee, the coastal caiman and the great anteater.


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Become a Mama Tierra member and support thereby indigenous peoples with us. You will receive detailed information about our work through our annual report. Our association organizes sporadic meetings to discuss our projects. You are cordially invited. You can become a passive or active member. Become a member and network with people interested in sustainable fashion, development cooperation, ethnology and business. Besides, as a member you get a 15% discount on the whole assortment during the year you will be part of Mama Tierra.

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