Right now, Quarantine measures have put the Wayuu in an emergency position. With a small donation we can save families from suffering hunger. Together we can help indigenous Wayuu to overcome adversity in face of COVID-19. 
Since schools closed on March 23rd due to the national quarantine, the kids of Alta Guajira, Colombia, have stopped receiving the free meals given at school for each student. Regularly, such meals comprise the only meal a child would have during a day. La Guajira area presents the highest index of malnutrition in Colombia, showing a 2.25 times higher risk of childhood mortality due to malnutrition and disease, and because of it reports show nearly 5000 Wayuu children have died from preventable causes between 2012 and 2015, and this number may have exponentially increased at the moment. 
Following reasons worsen the situation of the Wayuu due to the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Little or no social security
  • Over-inflated prices for food supplies
  • Lack of savings force Wayuu to work daily
  • Highly dependence on food markets in far-away cities
  • Children suffer hunger due to school closures, where they have meals
Due to desertification the capacity of cultivating is extremely diminished. Therefore, Wayuu depend on packaged goods such as rice, beans, corn and flour for their survival. But reaching food markets in far-away cities is a nearly impossible task during the quarantine. 

As this crisis goes on, the biggest challenge for our partners, the Wayuu women, is to obtain the basic food items and supplies their families so desperately need. This is our most urgent task, so that Wayuu indigenous can continue to thrive.

Usually spring is Mama Tierra’s highest season. But during the COVID-19 Pandemic production has decreased, as boutiques stopped restocking Mama Tierra products. However, it is our great desire for the artisans to secure a full income, as Wayuu lack social securities and assistance from the state. This is why we are here asking for your help! 

We truly appreciate any contribution towards getting food and safe water to our communities, so that our Mama Tierra families can overcome their crisis due to COVID-19.

We thank you so much for assisting us to help our artisans to ride out the COVID-19 pandemic! From ourselves and our families, we wish you peace, love and health during these challenging times.

The Mama Tierra Association Team

Your engagement brings food on the table
CHF 10 = buys a balanced meal including vegetables for a day for one family of about 10 people – breakfast, lunch and dinner!
CHF 50 = will feed one family of about 10 people for about a week.
CHF 200 = will feed a one family of about 10 people for a month.
CHF 500 = will pay transport to provide 50 families with food.
CHF 1000 = takes care of 5 families, 50-60 people, for an entire month!

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