Legacies and Bequests

Legacies and Bequests

Become our guardian angel

Do you want to pass on your values and do good after your death? By mentioning Mama Tierra in your will, you become our guardian angel. Support indigenous peoples like the Wayuu from Colombia and Venezuela with your legacy. Or protect fragile natural areas like the tropical Olivitos Lagoon in Venezuela together with Mama Tierra for a pristine environment also in the future.

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Consider Mama Tierra now with a legacy.

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Funeral donations

Set a sign of hope with funeral donations

With an appeal for a bereavement donation, you support a meaningful cause that will last into the future. By making a bereavement donation to Mama Tierra, you can turn your grief for a loved one into hope for indigenous women and children.

Mention the possibility of making a memorial donation to Mama Tierra in the obituary, in the memorial invitation or at the funeral service. Please mention our donation account:

Verein Mama Tierra
Account number/ PostFinance
IBAN: CH0609000061806370

You can create a digital obituary here: