Great opportunity to
develop skills and learn
about indigenous peoples

Whether it is helping out directly as a volunteer, selling badges as a student or organising a flea market sale - every commitment counts.

Bracelets sale

Mama Tierra provides friendship bracelets to school children for sale.

In this way, children support disadvantaged people in the Caribbean at a young age. In addition, the young people develop important skills. Mama Tierra uses the proceeds of the bracelet sales for social projects.

Each friendship bracelet costs 12 Swiss francs. 10 % of the proceeds go into the class fund, which the children can use for an excursion, for example. We will take back unsold bracelets without any claims. We deliver the order to the school on the desired date together with exciting teaching material. Every child who participates gets to keep a friendship bracelet as a thank you.

Selling directly is a good experience for the pupils and promotes valuable social and economic skills in a fun way:

  • 1

    Dealing with money

  • 2

    Solidarity and moral courage

  • 3

    Doing something for others

  • 4

    Fun in helping

  • Indigenous mythical storytelling

    Book this exciting activity for your school class or children's birthday party.

    Dr Lourdes Grollimund reads indigenous stories from the Caribbean desert to children and young people. Mama Tierra collects indigenous myths from Wayuu indigenous people, as the association conducts ethnological research in Colombia and Venezuela. Give young people the opportunity to immerse themselves in the magical world of the Wayuu.


    In the first 20 minutes of the event, Dr Grollimund explains who the Wayuu are and where the Guajira Desert is located. During the remaining 40 minutes, Dr Grollimund reads the myths aloud and interactively conveys the storyline using pictures, handicrafts, and conveying objects. Afterwards, there is room for questions and discussion. It is also possible to learn indigenous face painting and its meaning. This activity lasts up to two hours and can be booked in either German or English.

    Suitable for primary school classes and upper grades. Depending on the age, we add other information materials. For primary school pupils, colouring pictures are available with the animals that appear in the myths.

    This offer serves Mama Tierra's goal of promoting and spreading indigenous culture.


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