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Experienced designers and communication specialists develop suitable designs and products for themes and occasions of your choice.

Highlight your project through fine craftsmanship, natural fibres and savoir faire. Empower indigenous peoples by collaborating with us. In addition to strong storytelling and exceptional one-of-a-kind products, you also demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

We are experienced when it comes to collaborations, as shown by the following partnerships.

Le Bon Marché

Mama Tierra created various exclusive clutches and pouch bags for the "Porte-Bonheurs" exhibition of the Parisian luxury department store Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche. The sustainable accessories by Mama Tierra with interesting mythical designs around the themes of talisman, positivity and mythical magic, convinced Le Bon Marché to initiate a partnership.

The recurring motifs on the accessories are totemic animals such as the snake. The sky, sun and stars allude to the belief in the afterlife of the Wayuu indigenous peoples. This belief states that the souls of the deceased become stars in the Milky Way.

The Paris-based luxury goods house and the Baden-based non-profit organization share similar values. Patrice Wagner, CEO of the Le Bon Marché Group, emphasises: "We are deeply committed to philanthropy, and it is in our DNA to put it implement it though the power of fashion”.

Frida Kahlo Corporation

With the NATURA collection, Mama Tierra paid tribute to the iconic figure of Frida Kahlo. The Frida Kahlo Corporation, owner of the worldwide trademark rights to the Frida Kahlo name, granted Mama Tierra the license to create and use a new and original Frida design. Both organizations share the same values of positively influencing and empowering women around the world with confidence, passion and love.

Lichthalle MAAG

Mama Tierra created a clutch for the exhibition "Monet's Immersive Garden" depicting a detail from the "Japanese Bridge" painting from 1899.

Projecting this master piece onto an accessory using manual tapestry technique proved challenging. It took great skill to capture the incidence of light on the lily pond. Equally demanding was imitating the artist's short brushstrokes and thus the many changes of color onto the textile. This meant that the artisans had to change the yarn from the needle often, which made their work more time-consuming than usual.

The drawing that the Mama Tierra artisans worked out on the clutch had to be meticulous to respect Monet's impressionistic style.


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