Flamingo Project

Help us preserve the natural habitat ofthe flamingos in “Los Olivitos”.

With your help we can protect the lagoon and its biodiversity:


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Mama Tierra is involved in a nature conservation project in Venezuela to contribute to the conservation of the flamingos in one of the country’s most important coastal lagoons. The “Los Olivitos” lagoon is the habitat, shelter and nesting area of the largest population of flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber) in the Caribbean. In 1996 the UN declared the lagoon a Ramsar area.

A wetland full of biodiversityof international importance.

The coastal lagoon is also home to sea turtles and endangered animals such as the manatee, the coastal caiman and the great anteater. Without a conservation plan, this fragile ecosystem is predestined to disappear. As a result, the world is losing an important wintering area for many migratory birds species.

Without a conservation plan, this fragile ecosystem is predestined to disappear.

Our work:

Mama Tierra works with Dr. Lermith Torres, who has been protecting flamingos in Venezuela since 2007. Through his work he is known worldwide as a flamingo expert and has represented Venezuela several times in international conferences on environmental protection.

Through your support, the research about migratory birds in this area will be continued in Venezuela, which in turn will serve the international exchange of information. An important part of the work is to promote bird ringing.

How we act:

Avoid poaching through signs and patrols.

Veterinary help for injured and abused wild animals that are exposed to poachers.

Removal of rubbish in neighboring areas through recycling.

Promoting environmental education and sensitization of the local population and the neighboring city of Maracaibo.

Continuation of scientific studies and bird ringing.

This project will serve to protect and preserve the "Los Olivitos" lagoon natural habitat, fulfilling UN's Sustainable Development Goals #14 and #15.

Why do we needyour help?

To cover two months of rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration operations of Caribbean pink flamingo specimens and other species of wildlife in conditions of vulnerability within the Los Olivitos lagoon ecosystem in Venezuela.

100 CHFDonate

Ongoing rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of Caribbean pink flamingo specimens impacted by power lines. It also covers the rescue of other wildlife species in conditions of vulnerability within the Los Olivitos ecosystem.

500 CHFDonate

Workshops. Environmental education campaigns aimed at children and adolescents from 6 schools ranging from basic, to middle to high education.

Approximately 300 students will be reached.

800 CHFDonate

Flamingo ringing program

OVERDUE! It has not been done since 2002

3000 CHFDonate

Provide the global ornithological community with important data. It entitles the attachment of a small, individually numbered metal tag to the leg of a flamingo to enable individual identification. This helps in keeping track of the movements of the bird and its life history. It is common to take measurements and examine conditions of feather molt, subcutaneous fat, age indications and sex during capture for ringing. The subsequent recovery of the bird can provide information on migration, longevity, mortality, population dynamics (increase or decrease in populations due to climate change), territoriality, feeding behavior, and other aspects that are studied by ornithologists. This data will help scientists take actions to mitigate socio-environmental effects.

It is important to note that today there are satellite geolocators that allow knowing the movement of an individual in real time once it is ringed.

120 people participate in this operation, including authorities, experts, assistants and university students. Includes rental of 16 basic skiffs for personnel transfer and Logistics.

Dr. Lermith Torres

Educator, birdwatcher, environmentalist and president of the local NGO MANGLE in Venezuela.

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