It’s not just a notebook and a pencil, it’s about giving children a bright future.

With your help we can provide all the required supplies and uniform too.


1 pre-school kit


1 primary school kit


1 high school kit

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School supplies are a hurdle for many Wayuu families to send their children to school. The list of required school supplies per child is long and the required uniform expensive. Parents have to decide whether to send one child to school over another.

Katherine Klemenz founder of Mama Tierra

My heart sinks every time I see the despair of Wayuu women wanting to send their children to school but not being able to because of lack of money to buy school supplies.

According to the UNESCO, education is a fundamental human right. It promotes individual freedom and empowerment and yields important development benefits.

In Colombia, no uniform means no school entry. The uniform is the most expensive item to access education. In La Guajira, where poverty rate reaches 92%, schools make the parents buy uniforms for their children. In Mama Tierra’s view, a lack of uniform cannot mean a lack in education. That is why Mama Tierra includes uniforms in school kits.

This project will give children access to education, attending UN’s Sustainable Development Goals #4 and #10.

Why do we needyour help?

Many children study under so called “enramadas”, improvised shadowed areas covered with dried branches. This outdoor school rooms often do not offer proper desks, chairs or boards and have no access to water.

Especially girls have a hard time attending school because there is no toilette.

School supplies are also affected by the ramping inflation in Colombia and Venezuela. On top, the Wayuu, living in a very remote area, pay a surcharge for transportation that makes everything cost up to 4 times more than in the urban areas of Riohacha. These factors contribute to a child dropping out of school.

By providing school supplies, Mama Tierra enables Wayuu children in the rural parts of Colombia and Venezuela to continue their education. This contributes to poverty reduction and sustainable economic growth in rural Guajira. Partner with Mama Tierra in this life-changing task of providing school supplies to children.

Empower indigenous children

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