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Mama Tierra is a non-profit association founded by human rights activists in 2015 to empower indigenous peoples. Operationally, Mama Tierra works as a foundation in Colombia and Venezuela. Due to the corruption, unstable situation in Venezuela and difficult access to the Wayuu indigenous peoples in northern Colombia, few organisations provide assistance in this region. Yet support and partnerships for indigenous Wayuu, as a disadvantaged population group, are sorely needed.

Our network in Colombia and Venezuela is broad and our know-how in development cooperation in the La Guajira region is extensive. Our experts implement the projects on site with the respective indigenous regional leaders. The relationship with the Wayuu is familial and has existed for many years. This is also due to the fact that our team lives with indigenous families for several months and maintains daily contact.

You can invest your funds in specific projects or provide uncommitted funds that we use where they are most needed. Together, we can also develop new projects that are accepted by the beneficiaries and strengthen their community.

As a non-profit association, Mama Tierra is tax-exempt, so donations are fully effective.


Actions speak louder than words

As a company, make a contribution to sustainable development in the Caribbean. Touch the hearts of your employees and partners through a Corporate Social Responsibility partnership with Mama Tierra. Our organisation empowers indigenous peoples and protects the environment in the La Guajira desert, a biodiverse area in Colombia and Venezuela.

Together we can work for indigenous women and children, their culture as well as for nature. Our project officers will look at your interests, our overlapping content and shared values to propose a partnership.

By the way, your donation is tax deductible.

Make your corporate social responsibilitytangible

The following CSR partnerships are possible:

Corporate donations

Improve the quality of life of indigenous peoples with a donation. Indigenous peoples in Latin America are marginalised groups that are still heavily excluded from society by systematic racism and discrimination. Your donation not only does good, it enhances your reputation as a company among its employees, customers, partners and the public.

Corporate Gifts

For your customers, employees and business partners, we create unique gifts that leave a lasting impression. Whether as a small give-away at an opening, as a gift for loyal customers or as a small detail at a company celebration – we are sure to make your company appearance unforgettable. A carefully chosen gift makes people feel recognised and appreciated.

Cause-Related Marketing

Donate a percentage to Mama Tierra for the empowerment of indigenous peoples or the protection of wildlife, mangroves and lagoons in the Caribbean with every product sale. Consumers are more motivated and satisfied when they contribute directly to a good cause with their purchase.

With our programmes, we contribute to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

A Good Cause

Find out about our projects.

Our projects!


Your partnership with us brings the following benefits

Personal advice on partnership opportunities

Background information and ethnographic research on indigenous peoples

Picture material and supplementary information

Efficient use of your funds and professional project implementation

Know-how in development cooperation in the Caribbean

Transparent reporting on every social investment made

Foundations and

Foundations are important partners for Mama Tierra to fulfil our mission of empowering indigenous peoples and protecting Mother Earth. For a successful partnership, it is important to share common values. Professionalism, consultation, participation and transparency are principles that guide our work. Over the years, the Mama Tierra team has gained expertise and skills in development cooperation, in working with indigenous peoples in the Caribbean and especially in empowering women. With a partnership, you benefit from this unique know-how.

Our projects cover the following fields:


Production and distribution of arts and crafts at the interface between business and non-profit. We strive to make our organisation self-sustaining as well as independent of donations and to reinvest the profit in social projects. On the other hand, our social entrepreneurship enables us to empower financially indigenous Wayuu women.


In the Los Olivitos Lagoon in Venezuela. An area declared a Ramsar site by the UN due to its international importance as a wetland.


To enable indigenous children to continue their education in rural areas of Colombia and Venezuela. This contributes to poverty reduction and sustainable economic growth.


During one year to stop the high mortality rate of children under 5 years.


Cultural promotion of indigenous rituals, literature and oral tradition.


Food security and access to clean water in the La Guajira desert.


Enable girls and women to access menstrual products.

Mama Tierra offers professional project implementation with an international and local team. The efficient use of financial resources as well as the effectiveness of the project have top priority. During project development, we provide advice and clarify the acceptance of the project in the population in advance. At each stage of the project, we measure progress and impact and submit quantitative and qualitative reports.

Benefactors and Philantropists

Have you always wanted to strengthen indigenous peoples? We support you in your project. Work hand in hand with Mama Tierra. We are a small organisation where you have a lot of leeway to realise your ideas. Often philanthropists bring a good network and important knowledge with them to optimally implement a project cooperation.

”I became aware of the Mama Tierra Association a few years ago. I was particularly struck by the beautiful designs of their bags. When I held the first one in my hand, I was thrilled by the extremely high-quality and elaborate workmanship. The fact that Mama Tierra not only supports the indigenous Wayuu people, but is also committed to environmental issues, also convinced me.

For me, Mama Tierra is one of the pioneers who realised early on that indigenous knowledge, craftsmanship and design are compatible with the modern world. The association makes a valuable contribution to uniting indigenous peoples and the modern world in a future-oriented cooperation that is mutually enriching for both worlds. Supporting the activities of the association has become a matter of the heart for me”.

- Anita Weber, Philantropist

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