The Isashii Collection 2021

The focus of Mama Tierras work is always on the independence and livelihood of indigenous women and respect for Mother Earth. Mama Tierra produces sustainable designer accessories that empower those who make them and those who wear them. For us, sustainability is synonym of gender equality, fair trade and environmental protection emphasizes Dr. Lourdes Grollimund president of the Swiss Association.

Mama Tierras production is environmentally conscious and resource-saving All accessories of the Isashii collection consist of sustainable materials such as GOTS certified cotton yarn from Peru and cotton yarn from Colombia. Since most indigenous textiles in the Caribbean are made from plastic based yarns, the production of the Mama Tierra accessories, thus contributes to a reduction in plastic waste in Colombia’s most rural area called La Guajira. In addition, the leather substitute used in the Isashii accessories consists of Mexican cactus leaves processed into eco-leather; the stable leaf fibers offer an equivalent substitute for animal leather, making them a perfect vegan option.

The designs based on social anthropological research Inspired in the rich nature and oral traditions from the Wayuu people in the La Guajira desert between Colombia and Venezuela. The Isashii Collection combines modern elements with those from the mythology of the Caribbean Wayuu people, who craft the luxurious Mama Tierra accessories. For example, birds play an important role for the Wayuu people, as they believe that the earth was ruled by birds before humans appeared on the planet. Several types of birds represent mythical ancestors, or totem animals, who emblematically represent different family groups.

Collaboration with award-winning designers The award-winning designers Patrizia Stalder created the Isashii motifs, meant to inspire and enthuse women around the world with the enchantment of the La Guajira desert. Patrizia is a Swiss multi-faceted artist, working as a painter, illustrator and graphic designer. Patrizia’s illustrations have been included in the 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 18/19 publication by Lürzers Archiv, which presents creatively outstanding campaigns from all over the world and enjoys a high reputation in many countries.

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