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We can help you to find and evaluate social or business projects.


Accompaniment of strategic processes, support in the management of projects.


Product or service ideas. Development of monitoring systems, project evaluations and impact measurement.


Assistance from taxes non-profit organizations or businesses with social goals.


Project evaluation, accounting audit of non-profit organizations in Colombia and Venezuela.


How do I fund my social or entrepreneurial projects? What events are worthwhile to expand my network?


Workshops to learn master press work that excites journalists. Use genuine story telling in your communication.


Work efficiently with disadvantaged minorities as business partners or as beneficiaries of social projects.


Where and how do I find helpers for my project? Do’s and don’ts in volunteering.

Lectures and discussion

Lectures and discussion sessions on how collaboration between Mama Tierra and indigenous women works in «critical» countries like Colombia and Venezuela: A project that started in 2015 with very little funding but with a big dose of fighting spirit now supports around 1000 people.

Arts and crafts have a high status in Wayuu society: it is expressed in their myths, rites of passage and customs. Background on ethnological research of Wayuu indigenous material culture in Colombia and Venezuela sheds light on the animistic meanings of patterns, as well as the Wayuu division of labour in the creation of handicrafts.

Studio Rental

Our creative studio in the Oederlin Areal is available for rent for the day. The Oederlin Areal developed from a historic foundry of the Swiss industrialisation era into a centre for small businesses, artists as well as crafters. Let yourself be inspired by this lively atmosphere! Suitable for workshops, conferences and presentations.

Terms and conditions

Please write to to rent the studio with your desired date.

Lourdes Grollimund

Production Director (+41) 77 502 42 96


Workshops are held at your location or at Mama Tierra’s studio. Materials will be provided, the cost for each workshop ranges between 80 and 100 CHF per person.

Workshops on indigenous crafts

Indigenous peoples have their own, often unique way of making their textiles and fashion. The patterns in their bags usually have cosmological or animistic meanings. Crafts regulate everyday life and are also relevant to indigenous social structures.

We focus on the handicrafts of the indigenous Wayuu in Colombia and Venezuela. Our team explains the production process from an ethnographic perspective, based on field research, as we lived with the Wayuu for a few months and thus learned these handicraft techniques.

Crocheting Wayuu bags

This workshop lasts up to 4 hours.

Dr. Lourdes Grollimund, President of Mama Tierra, shows how to make the Wayuu bags during the workshop. Participants learn the intarsia technique and use it to create a round mat that can be made into a bag. Previous crochet experience is useful.

Loop braiding technique

Schlaufenflechten-Technik (loop braiding)

M.A. Katherine Klemenz vermittelt Kunsthandwerker:innen, wie Wayuu-Bänder hergestellt werden. Teilnehmer:innen können einen Schlüsselanhänger anfertigen und nach Hause mitnehmen. Keine Vorkenntnisse nötig.