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Anna Peter-Breton, Marie de la Roche

Mama Tierra uses GOTS-certified cotton yarn. Since most indigenous textiles are made from plastic-based yarns, the production of the Mama Tierra accessories, avoids using fossil-fuel by-products contributing to a reduction in plastic waste in indigenous land. Machine washable, handwash cycle only. Make it lie flat on a drying rack or hang to air dry.

Mama Tierra uses leftover natural leather to make leather products. By doing this we prevented such remaining pieces from going into the garbage. Use a lightly damp cloth to gently wipe the surface if needed.


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As a charity project, each return is a challenge. Therefore, returns are only accepted in case of damaged goods within 7 days after receiving the order, with exceptions. Sales are final, cannot be returned.

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Collab: Anna Peter-Breton for Mama Tierra by Marie De La Roche

Sustainable bags produced using cow leather from certified tanneries promoting rational use of materials. The bags have been exquisitely designed by Marie de la Roche. Anna Peter-Breton, in her turn, translated the spirit of La Guajira into five breathtaking watercolors. The artisans of Mama Tierra, with their hands guided by a deep connection to the culture and beauty of La Guajira, have transformed the essence of Anna's watercolors into unique tapestry pieces.
Available in two sizes, Madre and Niño, representing the tender bond between mother and child. All sales proceeds will go to the Newborn Project, supporting mothers-to-be and newborns in need!
For more information on this collaboration click here!

The Jaguar Design
Embrace the wild side of luxury with our Niño Jaguar leather bag! Crafted with precision and passion by Marie De La Roche, this fierce design embodies boldness and elegance in every stitch. Anna Peter-Breton's striking jaguar motif adds a daring edge, while delicate floral accents infuse femininity into its essence.

Niño Jaguar Red
- Size: L13 cm x H18 cm x W8 cm
- Includes an adjustable leather strap. It is 2 cm wide and 93 cm – 112 cm long.
- Weight: 500 gram
- Bags will be available in July

Lovingly handmade

Our Niño Jaguar impact:


Family Food


Plastic Bottles


Hours of
Manual Labor

Tapestry Technique

In the 1970s, Wayuu tapestry or image making was particularly popular.

Empowering indigenous
girls and women

You can save and change lives with your purchase.

Human rights activists founded Mama Tierra in 2015 to promote gender equality for indigenous women in Colombia and Venezuela while protecting Mother Earth. Thus, Mama Tierra's accessories empower not only those who wear them, but especially those who make them.

You can also help
with a donation

Thanks to your generosity we can improve
the lives of many indigenous families.



e.g. Period supplies
for one woman



e.g. 3 Kits for



e.g. 8 Family
food baskets


Any amount
will help

Niño Jaguar

CHF 530.00

Material care: clean only with a damp cloth.

2 in stock (can be backordered)

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